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Basarab is a project which draws on folk music from the region between the River Nistru and the River Prut, known as Basarabia. This region, situated in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine, is the present-day Republic of Moldavia. It is a part of the world where many different peoples have lived side-by-side since ancient times, resulting in the mixture of the indigenous culture (Romanian folk) with the immigrant cultures (folk music such as Greek, Jewish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Gipsy, Russian, Ukranian and Polish). This project encompasses all the musical styles of the region; Klezmer, Gipsy and Balkan.


Basarab, a Barcelona-based project, offers music written by Anatol Eremciuc, the project’s founder. Basarab’s members are professional musicians with prolific careers. The objective of this project is to spread awareness of traditional folk music and all the different nuances of its many and varied styles. The most suitable settings to enjoy this music are festivals of world music or traditional parties or concerts.

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The length of the show is approximately 2 hours. The setlist of the concert is composed of original pieces based on genuine Moldavian folk music, between fifteen and twenty numbers in total. These pieces move between the different musical styles of the different ethnicities and cultures that have intertwined in Moldavia. It is a concert that calls on the virtuosity and interprative skills of the musicians, owing to the great complexity of the pieces.



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Festivals, popular parties



Encuentro de acordeonistas del Pirineo  (Convention of accordeonists of the Pyrenees) Arseguel, July 2014

Festival de música al metro (Music in the Metro Festival) 2014

Participation in the convention “Martisor 2015” Barcelona

Balkabarna Festival (Balkan music festival) Barcelona May 2015

Encuentro de acordeonistas del Pirineo  (Convention of accordeonists of the Pyrenees) Arseguel, July 2015

Festival Mudéjares de Teruel, August 2015

Participation in the Fira d’entitats  at the  Arc de Triomf, Barcelona October 2015

Participation in the 30th Jornadas Culturales (Cultural Days) “San Julián”, Casa Cuenca, 2016

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tira Basarab web.jpg
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