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Anatol Eremciuc - accordion


Born in Moldavia, he studied accordion in the Alcue Russo University in Balti. He is a certified music teacher, specialising in his instrument. Since 2001, Anatol has made his home in Barcelona, where he has grown musically, sharing his knowledge with other musicians from different cultures and backgrounds, such as Forro, tango, habenaras, klezmer and the traditions of the Balkans. In 2014 he founded, as songwriter and accordion player, the group  BASARAB.

Margherita Abita - vocals


Originally from Sicily, she grew up on the neighbouring island of Levanzo. Her introduction to jazz came from the teachers Maurizio Lipari and Chicco Allotta. Aged 18, she moved to Milan for university, graduating with honours in Cultural Sciences. Meanwhile, her passion for music led her to experiment street art, with the duo "Adhara", and the Balkan group Baba Mara. She also participated in traditional theatre with the acclaimed Mimmo Cuticchio. In 2018, she arrived in Barcelona, where she is part of the projects Still Life and   BASARAB.

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João Silva - violin

Raised by music-loving parents in Portugal, he started to study classical violin in EPMVC/FAM (The Viana do Castelo Music Academy), under the teacher Armando Gonzalez, and Jazz violin under the teacher Jorge Reis in the Hot Club de Portugal. He is the frontman for the Wise Connections Quartet and Joao Silva & Mariano Camarasa Duo, with whom he recorded his first compositions between 2015 and 2016. In 2014 he started to play with  BASARAB.

Dani Lopez - acoustic guitar

Born in Barcelona, Dani started to study piano and guitar in the music school of Cabrils, his hometown. He studied songwriting at the ESMUC  (Catalan Music Academy). Since then, he has been part of various music projects, such as Oiné ensemble (traditional music from Naples) and several jazz groups. He started to play Balkan music with  BASARAB.

Juan Carlos Buchan Ayala - double bass

Born in Mexico City, where he studied music at the National Conservatory of Music, Juan Carlos has played many diverse genres of music, ranging from rock to jazz, not to mention Symphony and Chamber music. With a dozen album releases to his name already, he has been involved with numerous groups and projects both in Mexico and in Spain; he has performed at the most prestigious festivals of his homeland as well as in various cities in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.In 2014 he joined  BASARAB.

Albert Enkaminanko - percussion

This Barcelona born musician taught himself percussion from 1996 until 2012, with some brief stretches in schools such as Taller de Musics (Barcelona), Amaldeo Rodan (Cuba) and EMESP Tom Jobim (Brazil). Immersed in traditional rhythms from around the globe, owing to his visits to Brazil, Cuba, North and Central Africa as well as different European countries, Albert learns and feeds on different folk traditions. In 2015 he joined  BASARAB.

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